3 Tech Trends in Asia 2018

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Since Bitcoin reach more than 12,000 USD. per Bitcoin and many start up use Initial Coin Offering-ICO as a fund raising method. It’s gain attraction from many people out of Fintech area, not only in term of investment and financial but the blockchain technology can also use in many way for verification process such as food products who want to prove that all supply chain is safety or organically or we can use blockchain help to verify and identification migrant workers between asian countries. The cryptocurrency will also help people who work aboard and digital nomad to transfer their money faster and easier but it will be taken for a while to use cryptocurrency as a regular money to buy things.
  1. A.I. and the bot
In 2017 is seem to be a rising of A.I. we heard about A.I. news daily but it’s not obvious how end user to use it. In 2018 we might see A.I. will be a part of our daily use applications such as photo retouch, video editor or office application even music application. A.I. will be use more and more in customer service through the chatbot or kind of digital assistance for Bank or retail business who wanted to transform to digital. Another sector who will use A.I. more is health sector for basic health consultant or improve your health behavior.
  1. Privacy and Security Technology
Somehow when people feel about every step their made in digital world is being correct as a big data and then to be analyzed by company even goverment as well as hacker attack that might harm people in digital daily life. People might reaction to find some way make their feel more safe and more private. Privacy and Security will be more priority to people who using technology. The applications that show people more about how secure they are or more private communication platform like Signal will be more popular. Another job might be required in future is digital security auditor.